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Premia FAQ

  • 1What is PREMIA®?

    PREMIA® is a program that lets you accumulate points by doing everyday things using Popular services, whether it be making a purchase with a credit or ATH® card, using the online service, keeping a deposit account or receiving a loan from Popular.[close]

  • 2How do I become a PREMIA® member?

    Enroll if you already have deposit account (check or savings)1 or a Banco Popular® credit card. You are automatically enrolled if you have a BLACK Dual card or a PMA or Popular Plus account.[close]

  • 3Do I need to register each account?

    No. A Membership number is assigned upon enrollment and all eligible accounts where the Customer is the primary account holder will be enroll with this number for a combined Point accumulate. From that moment forward, the Customer will be able to earn Program Points.[close]

  • 4Is there an account excluded from PREMIA®?

    The following accounts are not eligible for Program membership: ATH: POP, Club del Ahorro, Junior Saving Club, U Save, commercial accounts; except B-Smart, “Visa Corporate”, Visa Return and AAdvantage® credit cards. The Program does not apply to Customers of Banco Popular International Branch, Popular Community Bank (Banco Popular North America). If our records reflect an account showing a derogatory condition or account mismanagement, the customer will be deemed ineligible to join the Program.[close]

  • 5Is there a PREMIA® membership fee?

    The Program has a $25 annual membership fee except for Popular Plus, Visa Premia® Rewards and INDIGO Dual customers belonging to the regular level that are exempt from this fee, as well as Private Management Accounts (PMA) or BLACK Dual account holders, that are part of the PREMIA® Platinum Program.


  • 6How is the membership fee paid?

    The annual $25 fee is applied upon registration and once a year thereafter from the subscription date to any of the customer’s Program participating accounts. Membership will be cancelled if any of the accounts have insufficient funds to cover the fee. Fee is not non-refundable.[close]

  • 7Are there PREMIA® membership categories?

    PREMIA® has two membership categories: Regular and Platinum.[close]

  • 8Who is eligible for the Platinum category?

    Customers with PMA and BLACK Dual accounts products are automatically enrolled at the Platinum level.[close]

  • 9Who is eligible for the Regular category?

    Customers with at least one deposit account (ATH: POP, Club del Ahorro, Junior Saving Club, U Save, commercial accounts, “Visa Corporate” and Visa Return credit cards not included) are eligible for the Regular category. Banco Popular International Branch, Popular Community Bank (Banco Popular North America), are not eligible. Even though Popular Plus, Visa Premia® Rewards and INDIGO Dual accounts are exempt from the membership fee, they belong in the Regular category.


  • 10What are the Platinum membership privileges?

    Platinum level customers have free membership and their membership points do not expire.[close]

  • 11How are points accrued?

    The activities and transactions described in the Accumulate Points section as well as additional promotions sent out periodically by Popular will accrue points. Points will be credited and debited depending on the type of transaction carried out and such details will be stored in the Program’s webpage ([close]

  • 12What transactions qualify for point accumulation?

    Individual consumer transactions are the only transactions entitled to Point accumulation. Transactions deemed in good faith by Popular to be commercial transactions will not account toward Point accumulation despite the implication of individual consumer products. Popular reserves the right to eliminate any awarded Point for an commercial transaction carried out through individual consumer products. Only Program qualifying commercial consumer product transactions, determined periodically by Popular, are eligible for Point accumulation.[close]

  • 13When do I begin to accumulate points?

    You earn points from the moment you sign up for the Program.[close]

  • 14What happens after I enroll to the Program?

    E-mail and regular mail notifications will be sent to you containing information related to the Program and its benefits, plus information on how to earn and redeem PREMIA® points. To keep you up to date on redeemable rewards you will also receive the PREMIA®Magazine and Newsletter, which include details of new offers[close]

  • 15Will I have a PREMIA® membership card?

    No. Customers enrolled in the Program will have their ATH® cards and credit cards issued with the PREMIA® logo for identification purposes.[close]

  • 16What transactions or activities qualify for point accumulation?

    Please visit the Accumulate Points section for details.[close]

  • 17When two customers are subscribed to PREMIA® by means of a joint account or a mortgage loan, who is entitled to the points?

    Accounts where the customer figures as the primary account holder are the only ones that will earn points. Accounts where the customer figures as the secondary account holder, co-applicant or as an authorized user are not eligible for point accumulation. The primary account holder is authorized to transfer accumulated points as credit transactions to a co-applicant solely for mortgage and auto loans.

  • 18Do my points expire? How much time do I have to redeem them?

    The regular level customer points will expire every fourth December from the date they were earned. The PREMIA® Platinum level Customer Points will not expire as long as they remain at this level. If the Customer is no longer at that level, the Regular level expiration terms will apply as well as the Regular level membership fee.
    For example, points earned in May 2009 expire December 31, 2012. Points accrued in January 2010 will expire December 31, 2013.

  • 19What situations may result in the loss of points?

    - A closed account
    - Late payment of Program annual dues
    - A delinquent account
    - End of all Banco Popular® relationships
    - Membership cancellation by Customer or Popular
    - Inadequate use of the Program or its benefits or breach of the Program’s Terms and Conditions
    - Not having a valid Program credit card or deposit account

  • 20Upon death of the account holder, what happens to the points?

    Points are neither transferable nor assignable. If membership is cancelled for any reason, including death of the account holder, delinquency, account closure and others, points accumulation in your Program account will not be redeemable and will be void.[close]

  • 21Where can I find my points balance?

    To view information regarding transactions and point expiration dates, please visit

    Click here to find out your points balance.

  • 22Is there a minimum point requirement for redemption?

    No, you can start redeeming your points at any time just as long as you have the required points for the desired reward.[close]

  • 23How are rewards delivered?

    FedEX, our official carrier, will deliver your reward. For hand delivery, please provide a physical business or home address. ATH gift cards will be sent out by regular mail.

  • 24Where can I view the rewards?

    Please visit the Catalog to learn about all the redeemable rewards.[close]

  • 25Where can I find additional information on rewards?

    For more information on rewards, visit the Catalog. The PREMIA® Customer Service Center is always available to answer any additional questions at 1.800.3PREMIA (1.800.377.3642).

  • 26Can I redeem points for cash?

    Yes, cash is available through ATH® PREMIA® gift cards.[close]

  • 27How do I redeem points?

    - Access the Catalog to search for the reward of your choice.
    - Click the REDEEM button and fill-out the required information.

1 The accounts in which you figure as the primary account holder will be registered in the PREMIA® program.